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IE Toolbar General Information

We boast tremendous experience with Internet Explorer. We have been developing for IE since IE 4.0! Having done a variety of custom development projects for a multitude of various sized companies.

From a simple BHO to an elaborate dynamic toolbar - all custom development developed from a client's specification and/or requirements document.

Yes, we've even helped some clients put together their specification (requirements) as they may have limited technical background.

So what is a toolbar?

A toolbar is a window whose buttons represent menu items, actions or tools.

A toolbar can be located along the top, bottom or sides of a frame window or can float and be positioned anywhere on your desktop.

A toolbar is a set of buttons (usually with an icon of some sort) that can be used to activate a programs function.

You can have multiple toolbars with a variety of different toolbar buttons using text, images or both.

Internet Explorer toolbar development is the cornerstone of our service-related architecture. Our experience in developing Internet Explorer toolbars dates back to the release of Internet Explorer 4.0, and we boast experience in developing Windows applications that dates back to the release of Windows 3.0 (Charles Petzold era).

We've done a variety of IE related development on all Windows-based platforms including:

  • Dynamic custom toolbars

  • Toolbars designed for multiple platforms

  • Browser Helper Objects

  • InfoBand & CommBands (Sidebars)

  • Dropdown menus

  • Scrolling windows

  • Animated buttons

  • Search bars

  • Hearing impaired toolbars

  • And so much more....

We develop all of our IE plug-ins utilizing C++, ATL and no third party tools. We believe that a thin, well behaved plug-in suits the circumstances for most of our customers. Customers typically want a fast download and a fast silent set-up and that is what we aim to do at all times!

In some cases we have taken on troublesome projects where clients have dead-ended and development has ceased for one reason or another. We help them figure out a way to get them over their hurdles and continue on a road to success, staying within their budgets.

So, again, this is our niche, this our specialty! We have tremendous know-how and expertise in the world of browser plug-in development .

To begin a development project what information is necessary to pass on for a quote? Realize it is better for everyone to get a good grip, idea, of what you are looking to have developed. As such, please see our browser quote page for futher information on what we need to know to enable us to pass on to you a very accurate fixed price quotation.

See some pictures of sample toolbars. Perhaps this may give you additionaly some further thoughts or ideas for your prospective project. These are mere samples of some of the development we've done with toolbars, by we hope they may help with ideas.

What can we develop for you?

We have developed some of the most complex toolbars for some of the key players on the web today- you would be surprised at who they might be! We have designed toolbars that dynamically format them at runtime based on the site the user is visiting, as well as modest one button toolbars. We have developed toolbars of all sizes and for all types of industries and people. A custom toolbar developed from your specifications, no out of the box sales of toolbars or leases for those toolbars, we offer you custom toolbar development.

We can also design custom controls that are implemented within a toolbar, elaborate dropdown menus, scrolling windows, animated buttons, search text boxes, radio controls and many more types of controls. Contact us!

While our toolbar picture page is just a base of some of the toolbars we've developed, take a look at it, get some ideas and feel free to contact us to help you with your idea. Please see our toolbar picture page to get an idea of some of the toolbars that we have developed.

While we specialize in custom IE toolbar development we also specialize in all the areas of Windows and IE type development, actually we are quite intimate with Internet Explorer without doubt. We have observed that one of the featured items we do that and pass along that very few others can provide are masterful dynamic toolbars, very custom toolbars. These dynamic toolbars are usually formatted based upon a server side stimulus, where it may be a remote XML file, a script, a document or whatever the content is. We provide a mechanism to cause the look and feel of an IE toolbar to change, dramatically and very dynamically. We have developed a vast array of these dynamic toolbars for different scenarios and for all different sized companies and people, inclusive of the DOD and other key players.

Not one of our toolbars behaves or looks the same; we tailor your toolbar to your environment, and, as such offer custom toolbar development! We also develop the framework so that you can make changes or add-ons if you desire, in that way you don't have to hire us for this, saving you time and budget as well. Don't get us wrong for many customers we do this, but our point its if you have the know-how internally you can do this on your own if desired.

On the subject of BHO's:

We've developed BHO's for a wide variety of applications and a wide variety of industries. BHO's are very popular and perform minuscule tasks up to very involved tasks and complete server intensive tasks. That said there is not too much we haven't done, haven't seen and/or developed, or, for that matter even heard as far as Browser Helper Objects are concerned.

We have also produced a large scope of DeskBand and InfoBand Objects; we do specialized development for the desktop and have done infinite Windows Explorer plug-ins and add-ons as well. Some clients have even come to us with just and idea, just a thought and after discussing this we have then helped assist them in putting together an elaborate requirements document for that idea.

So you see there is literally nothing we cannot design and practically nothing we have not done, to this point and in this environment. So here again feel free to give us a call or drop us an email to see just how we can be of service to you!

After we've gotten all your questions answered and understand the look and feel of what you're looking to do we then pass on an accurate price quotation, thereafter put together a fixed cost proposal for you with a timeline, pricing and project details. After which point, we can, depending on volume, usually begin your project within the frame of about a week from the time of your decision.

So how can we help you?

Part of our talent that keeps customers coming back is our ability to listen to your thoughts and development needs and then our ability to develop and implement them into an IE toolbar, a custom toolbar developed from your requirements. With a simple requirements (specifications) document we can architect your product and develop and create your toolbar. While you may think that this is a long process, it can actually be done fairly painlessly and within a reasonable timeframe and budget . Generally a simple toolbar can take as little as a few days to develop to sometimes 1 to 2 weeks or more, this is all dependent upon the details desired for the toolbar, based off the complexity of those requirements or not. So give us a call, we would be happy to discuss your project with you and give you an idea how we foresee your timeframe.

How can we help you?

If you would like a price quotation please fill out our browser quote request form, this will then enable us to get a better idea of what you are looking to do and equally allow us to pass on a fairly accurate price quotation here and now. If you would like to ask some questions and/or get our further insight on your project endeavor feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and to the opportunity of earning your business.

Software development at its finest...

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