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Outlook Add-ins

As with Browser Plug-in development, Outlook has its own unique add-in architecture. It is important to note that we do COM add-in development quite heavily. While there are many tools out there to develop add-ins, they all seem to run into one road-block or another. That is exactly why we do custom Outlook add-in development so heavily

All of our Outlook add-ins are developed utilizing C++ and ATL. We choose to operate in an unmanaged environment simply because of installations (tends to be a big issue with .NET) and low-level development. We use no third party tools and all of our add-ins are developed in-house.

We do write our own extended MAPI functionality and are very well versed in this area. We also have no problems interfacing with any exchange server. We do also have internal Exchange Servers that we utilize for testing

We are fully capable of implementing your desired functionality and are extremely well versed in this arena. We have pushed the development envelope in the area of Outlook.

Some of the items we continue to develop are:

  • Specialized calendars, contact and task management add-ins
  • Custom form or form region development
  • Context menus
  • Command bars
  • 2007/2010 ribbons
  • Extended MAPI functionality
  • Development for 2000/2002/2003/2007/2010
  • Custom message windows
  • Active Directory development
  • Server integration
  • Familiar with all versions of the Exchange server

We also have the ability to develop unique forms and custom ribbons - that is not to forget the old command bar functionality. We develop add-ins that support Outlook 2003 and above - out of the box. However, we do have the expertise to design compatible add-ins with Outlook 2000 and 2002 respectively. This is all our expertise; this is our niche, custom Outlook add-in development!

Depending upon what the market share is with the many Outlook versions and your requirements will depend on what version of Outlook you intend to support; we can talk to you further about this.

Extended Outlook Projects

We have developed some advanced extended MAPI projects. We have done MAPI Service Providers and some very detailed message stores for Outlook.

Some of the advanced items that we have experience with are:

  • Low level Extended MAPI development
  • MAPI Service Providers
  • Message Store Providers
  • Message Transport Providers
  • Address Book Providers

Why choose us for your Outlook development?

  • We are extremely intimate with all versions of Outlook and the capabilities of each version

  • We can implement our own custom extended MAPI functionality

  • We are extremely familiar with all Windows operating systems

  • We have developed add-ins since the birth of Outlook 2000

  • All development is done in house

  • We offer tremendous expertise in this arena

Outlook Add-ins, Outlook Plug-ins

An Outlook Add-in (sometimes referred to as an Outlook Plug-in) is the integration of many technologies into a single application or environment to facilitate information management and information sharing. This is only one aspect of an Outlook Plug-in.

Outlook is the premier client that has the ability to manage information (email messages, contacts, tasks, appointments, etc.) and share it throughout an organization. Outlook also includes a development environment in which you can write collaborative applications quickly.

What have we done?

We develop Outlook Add-ins that allow you the capability to control and monitor email.

If you would like to discuss your proposed project, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. If you would like us to sign an NDA, this is not a problem whatsoever. After we have a better understanding of what you are looking to do and some details from you we can usually pass on a fairly accurate price quotation and timeline for your proposed project. Thereafter, we will be happy to pass on a fixed cost proposal for you.

If you would like a price quotation please fill out our Outlook quote request form, this will then enable us to get a better idea of what you are looking to do and equally allow us to pass on a fairly accurate price quotation here and now. If you would like to ask some questions and/or get our further insight on your project endeavor feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and to the opportunity of earning your business.

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